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Orthodontics may seem like a relatively modern branch of dentistry, but it actually had its beginnings in ancient times.

Modern archeologists have unearthed simple metal bands adhered to the teeth of ancient Egyptian mummies. They have found evidence that catgut may have been connected to these bands to help shift them into position. Ancient Greeks, Etruscans and Romans exhibited an interest in orthodontics as well.

In 1728, the development of orthodontics was revitalized when Pierre Fauchard, whom historians refer to the Father of Dentistry, invented a device named a bandeau. This was a metal strip fashioned like a horseshoe. It was custom cut with holes to fit around the teeth. This device was made to place pressure on the teeth in order to correct their alignment. Fauchard also performed a surgical procedure to forcibly shift crooked teeth. Over time, others in France, America and other parts of the world steadily began to contribute to the field.

Around 1880, an orthodontist called Edward Hartley Angle effectively identified and documented the properties of a malocclusion. He addressed these problems with progressively successful orthodontic appliances. Angle was named the Father of Modern Orthodontics.

Since the dawn of modern orthodontia, braces have grown to be lighter, more aesthetic and more effective. Stainless steel has replaced gold and silver and devices like ceramic braces, lingual braces and clear aligners make modern orthodontics easier, faster and more discrete.

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