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Braces for adults are just as effective at straightening smiles as for the young, although it does take longer to move adult teeth. While it can take 18 months to 3 years depending on the system you use, it is an investment in both your oral health as well as your appearance.

Improved oral health is a large benefit to a straight smile, as it lets you clean your teeth more effectively to keep plaque away. At Phan Orthodontics in San Jose, California, our orthodontic treatments help adults as well as children to have healthier smiles.

Adult orthodontics help fix crooked teeth, teeth that are crowded, problems with the bite, such as overbite or underbite, problems with the jaw joints and the jaw. Indeed, it is never too late to create a healthier, more appealing smile. Orthodontics help adults and children prevent tooth decay, gum disease, headaches, earaches, problems with speech, biting, or chewing.

We offer various alignment options including:

  • Metal Braces – high-grade stainless steel components.
  • Ceramic Braces (clear) – translucent braces that blend in with your pearly whites.
  • Clear Aligners (Invisalign®) – clear, custom plastic aligners.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Derick Phan, can work with you to create a healthier, more aligned smile. To schedule an evaluation to determine which straightening option is best for you, please call our team today at 408.251.7901!