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The braces installed in your mouth at Phan Orthodontics are made up of a series of wires, bands, brackets and other various orthodontic hardware. These elements all work together in synergy to realign your teeth through successive adjustments. If any part of your braces hardware is damaged, bent or loosened, it could increase the total duration of the realignment process.

To help prevent this from happening, our orthodontic staff offers these basic recommendations to prevent braces damage.

Chewing gum and eating sticky foods are the most common causes of damaged braces. The suction created by chewing on these things can sometimes be strong enough to pull a bracket, band or spacer loose.

The force involved in crunching down on excessively hard foods can also cause significant damage to your braces. This has the potential to bend wires, break bands or even knock a bracket loose from the face of a tooth. This also extends to other activities like crunching down on ice or nibbling on foreign objects.

We also strongly recommend using a high-quality mouthguard during contact sports and other rigorous athletic activities. A blow to the face without adequate protection can severely damage your mouth, teeth, and braces.

If you have questions about how to prevent damage from occurring to your braces in San Jose, California, you can always call 408.251.7901 to speak to Dr. Derick Phan or a member of our team.