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When it comes to eating food with braces, the choices are slim. And now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, you might be a little nervous that you won’t be able to eat your favorite foods and treats. Well, we are here to give you a list of foods and treats you can happily indulge in this Thanksgiving.

Main meal
When it comes to the turkey and ham, you’re in luck! The meats and stuffing on your dinner table are safe for your braces. However, the meats can definitely damage your braces, so you’ll need to cut them into small pieces before consuming them. As far as the casseroles, salads, and dressings go, they are all safe for your appliance. However, please make sure they do not contain nuts or crunchy ingredients.

Some good sides to eat during Thanksgiving include mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, and green beans. You can also eat cornbread muffins and sweet potatoes. These foods are suggested because they are soft, chewable, and easy on your teeth.

Sweets and sugary treats are generally bad products to eat while you have braces. However, because it’s Thanksgiving, please feel free to indulge in your favorite desserts. Some great treats to eat include pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse pie, and sweet potato pie. No matter which dessert you decide to eat, make sure it does not have any nuts or chunky objects. The crunchy ingredients can likely damage your appliance. Also, remember to brush your teeth after you have eaten your holiday treats.

It’s important that you care for your teeth and appliance as much as possible. We want you to have the most beautiful smile, and we believe we can help you achieve that appearance if you are careful with your food and braces this Thanksgiving. Please call our office today if you have any questions!