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As the cute little ghosts and goblins knock on your door yelling “trick-or-treat,” there are better things you can do than give them hard, sticky, chewy sweets that damage their smile. So, to help your neighbor kids have fun all while keeping their smile healthy and strong, we recommend giving away these teeth-healthy Halloween treats:

• Dark chocolate
• Apples
• Sugar-free gum
• Sugar-free lollipops
• Sugar-free candy
• Non-sticky treats
• Cereal bars
• Pretzels
• Granola bars

To make things a little more fun, you can also hand out toothbrushes, puzzles, and small games to the trick-or-treating children. These things will keep the children entertained and will also help them have the tools necessary to clean their teeth after they consume numerous Halloween treats.

No matter which treats you decide to give to the kids, it is strongly recommended that you do not hand out sticky, chewy, hard, and sour candy. These treats are likely to cling to the teeth for a long period of time as well as produce acid in the mouth. After eating these candies, it is highly likely that tooth decay will develop.

For more information on the best and worst treats to give out on Halloween night, call our office today! We are happy to tell you all we know so you can help your neighbor kids maintain a healthier and stronger smile.