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Have you ever wondered what an orthodontist is? At their core, orthodontists specialize in straightening teeth. No matter how crooked, misaligned, gapped, split, or abnormally configured your teeth may be, orthodontists have extensive training to improve your smile and give you a straighter set of pearly whites. For more information about orthodontists, see below:

– Orthodontists can apply a multitude of treatments for correcting teething including aligners, retainers, and braces of multiple varieties, including ones that are clear and removable.

– Although orthodontists are often associated with children and teens, they can provide optimum orthodontic care for all adults looking to fix their smiles.

– Orthodontists are trained to spot ailments and provide their extensive knowledge using amazing technologies, including cutting-edge treatments to ensure the correct and precise treatment is always given.

– Orthodontists have to take the specialized education that extends beyond regular dental school, allowing them to be at the pinnacle of their trade.

– Orthodontics is the practice of fixing and correcting malocclusions, which are misaligned bites within your smile, either due to your jaw, teeth, or facial structure.

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