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Brushing your smile can prove to be difficult when you have braces. Although it’s difficult, it’s extremely important. Brushing helps you have a top-notch oral health and beautiful smile, so please remember to brush regularly. To help make the brushing routine a little easier, our orthodontist, Dr. Derick Phan, has some tips and tricks he would like to share with you.

No. 1: Brush with a soft toothbrush. This might seem odd because a hard toothbrush might sound a little more effective. However, a soft toothbrush will effectively clean the chompers and also care for the gums, which is necessary for a strong and healthy smile.

No. 2: Brush with a wet toothbrush at the beginning of your brushing routine. This can help you remove the food particles and plaque that are stuck around your appliance. When you brush with toothpaste, foam and bubbles cover the smile, making it tough to see and effectively remove those substances. So, make sure to brush with a wet toothbrush first and then add toothpaste after you’ve effectively cleaned the small nooks and crannies.

No. 3: Use a picking motion rather than a scrubbing motion when you use your wet toothbrush. The picking motion can help your brush bristles act like toothpicks. It can help you effectively remove the particles that reside in hard-to-clean areas of your mouth. Feel free to use the scrubbing motion later in your brushing routine when you add toothpaste to your brush.

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