Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene Is Important When Correcting Your Teeth with Braces

Cavities and problems with your periodontal health can cause significant complications when you have braces. This could alter the tension on your braces and potentially increase the amount of time it takes to fully correct the alignment of your teeth. Extra focus on your daily oral hygiene routine can improve your chances of maintaining a… Read more »

Orthodontists Specialize in Straightening Teeth

Have you ever wondered what an orthodontist is? At their core, orthodontists specialize in straightening teeth. No matter how crooked, misaligned, gapped, split, or abnormally configured your teeth may be, orthodontists have extensive training to improve your smile and give you a straighter set of pearly whites. For more information about orthodontists, see below: –… Read more »

The Foods to Avoid With Braces

Did you know that having a healthy diet is important to your oral health as well as your body? Well, it’s true! Here at in , , we understand how different it can feel to transition into braces. To help you through this transition and your orthodontic care, our team is happy to provide you… Read more »

Is Your Smile in Desperate Need of Orthodontic Braces?

Is your smile in desperate need of orthodontic braces. Are you seeking to improve your oral health this year in ways that you may not have previously considered? Did you know you can vastly upgrade your smile by seeking out orthodontic treatments, such as braces, to ensure your teeth are as straight as they should… Read more »

How the Clear System of Invisalign® Works

Are you interested in learning how the clear system of Invisalign® works? If so, we have a treat for you! Dr. , with , in , , is happy to talk to you about Invisalign and how it can enhance your smile giving your teeth and jaw the proper alignment your smile needs. In a… Read more »

Keep up Optimum Oral Hygiene with Your Braces

Keep up optimum oral hygiene with your braces. When deciding to implement your brushing and flossing routine into your life while wearing braces, be sure to exercise caution and brush slowly and safety to avoid accidentally damaging them. Because flossing can be difficult with braces, it might be wise to supplement your oral health care… Read more »

How Often Can You Spot a Malocclusion?

How often can you spot a malocclusion? Malocclusions, also commonly referred to as “bad bites”, refer to misalignments and poor fits with your smile. Malocclusions can be caused by a variety of conditions, many of which are out of your control. For all the various types and styles of common bad bites that may be… Read more »

A Routine Adjustment is Critical for Improving Your Smile with Braces

Cementing your braces and orthodontic hardware onto your teeth is just the very first step in realigning your teeth for a more appealing smile and a better-functioning mouth. Having your braces routinely adjusted at Phan Orthodontics is the critical next step in the alignment process. Each appointment will apply modest, iterative tension to stretch the… Read more »

Improve Your Oral Health with Clear Orthodontic Aligners Like Invisalign®

You can improve your oral health with clear orthodontic aligners such as Invisalign®. With Invisalign, you can turn your smile around and get the aligned smile you desire. Invisalign is designed to straighten your teeth to improve your oral health, make cleaning your teeth easier, which lowers your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. … Read more »

Complications from Damaged Braces Can Increase the Duration of the Realignment Process

The braces installed in your mouth at are made up of a series of wires, bands, brackets and other various orthodontic hardware. These elements all work together in synergy to realign your teeth through successive adjustments. If any part of your braces hardware is damaged, bent or loosened, it could increase the total duration of… Read more »