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If you are new to traditional braces, new food restrictions can be discouraging. It is true that you need to skip that bowl of mixed nuts during cocktail hour–remember that your oral health comes first–but don’t fret! There are still many foods you CAN eat. Include these foods at the party, and you’ll be feeling great about your treats–and the brand-new smile that you are working toward!


Chocolate: While you should definitely avoid chocolate’s partner in crime, sticky caramel, you don’t need to worry about chocolate itself. Chocolate melts quickly and does not stick to teeth, making it an excellent treat for braces. Dark chocolate is best for mouth health, and is especially delicious. Ideally, choose soft chocolate desserts or thin-molded chocolates. Avoid mixed filled chocolates and bridge mix, however, as these contain fillings that can damage brackets and wires. For a fun new adventure, try making your own chocolates with soft, braces-friendly fillings, such as jam or cake pieces.


Fruit and Cheese Platter: Thinly sliced apples sprinkled with a little lemon can be a fun, crisp snack at any party. Make sure to cut thin slices so you don’t damage your braces! Try different varieties, such as Honeycrisp, Braeburn, or Jazz apples. Cotton candy grapes can also be a super-sweet, crisp treat. Pair your fruit with a selection of calcium-packed, nutrient-dense, and low-sugar cheeses for an elegant, tasty dessert platter.


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